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Dual Federalism Doctrine holding that the national government is supreme in its sphere, the states are supreme in theirs, and the two spheres should be kept separate. Implied that there were such things as interstate commerce (regulated by Congress) and intrastate commerce (regulated by the states).

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Post civil war, the doctrine of dual federalism meant. A "return to normalcy" for many. Powers held jointly by the national and state governments are called. Concurrent powers. States may not. Negotiate treaties with foreign nations. ... Dual federalism.

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the doctrine of dual federalism represented a doctrine that emphasizes a distinction between fed era and state spheres of government authority YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE...

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the doctrine of "dual federalism" maintains that the national government an the states had authority over strictly defended and mutual exclusive domains of policy from the 1860s through the mid- 1930's, the Supreme Court's ruling on the commerce clause tended to: vigorously support big business at the expense of both national and state authority

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The doctrine of nullification held that a state could refuse to enforce within its boundaries a federal law that exceeded the national government's authority. True Dual federalism implied Congress had the power to regulate interstate commerce.